You had me at Thriller

Yeah, I’m talking to you Phillip Phillips.

For those of you who wrote off American Idol when it parted ways with Simon Cowell, you missed the incredible talents of Phillip Phillips, this year’s acoustic strummer and Idol winner in the ‘Matchbox Twenty/Dave Matthews’ mold. As a former pawn shop worker, he stole America’s hearts months ago with his acoustic rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” during Season 11 auditions.

But was it really the Southern, good ‘ol boy who stole the show? Or was it the good, bad & BIZARRE moments of last night’s finale that has everyone talking Idol around the watercooler?

1. The Battle of the Catsuits.

People. It was bad. Really, really bad. Fantasia & Chaka Khan broke every rule in the fashion handbook while strutting onstage in snug (and I’m being nice here), sequined bodysuits that would have fit my 40 lb. 7-year-old. All I have to say is: Where is Tommy Hillfiger when we needed him?

2. Steven Tyler’s and his sloth.

Alright, what’s not to love here? A wild man with a big heart and every bad habit you can pick up in forty years of being on the road. During his clip, he carries a sloth as he pokes fun of himself stating “his therapist tells him he needs to take it slow.” He may not be the biggest asset to Idol contestants but his erratic, spontaneous gentle spirit keeps the show alive in my book.

3. Jennifer Holiday’s Facial Expressions.

Ok, I get it. It’s all about the soul. And I’m not saying it wasn’t an amazing performance … maybe even the best of the evening. However, I just couldn’t help but think that there will SOOOO be a spoof on an upcoming Saturday Night Live episode. Click HERE to watch the performance.

4. Yo Dawg, You can Sing The Phone Book.

Referring to Randy Jackson’s repeated compliment “You can sing the phone book!” — to Idol contestants over the past 11 years — this year’s top 10 actually SANG the phone book. THIS, folks … was finale-worthy … and probably the best part of the evening. Click HERE to watch.

5. The Proposal.

The proposal between former contestants Diana Degarmo and Ace Young was quite an awkward surprise. I have to say, I’m usually a sucker for the hopeless romantic stuff  — but this proposal seemed odd and uncomfortable — and probably had more dramatic pauses than Seacrest during a results show.

6. Walk This Way.

So, again, back to Steven Tyler…. (see how I do that?) As a loyal Aerosmith fan, I will not make any comments about last night’s on stage performance, however, I did have a good laugh when my son said “Hey, this song was on the Smurfs!”

So I guess what I’m getting at is, congrats to you Phillip Phillips!

2 Responses to “You had me at Thriller”

  1. Sue Says:
    May 30th, 2012 at 8:35 pm

    Wait. “Walk this Way” was on The Smurfs? Oh, for the love of peace and all things glam rock…

  2. Lori lewis Says:
    June 1st, 2012 at 3:19 pm

    Great read, Steph! I always love your take on thongs! Oops….darn auto correct….things!

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