I SPY with my little eye … um, Elvis?

Tis the season for the family roadtrip. We’ve all been there. Five hours of ‘are we there yet?’ with no end in sight. Well, after some careful thought and consideration (and a lot of games of hangman) I’ve come to the rescue with a ‘new & improved’ roadtrip version of I SPY.

Now keep in mind … just when you think this game is a bunch of hogwash, know that I have actually seen ALL of these items below … well, *ahem* … possibly all but #5.

Alright, let’s start with an easy one.

Number 1.

Get 1 point for spotting a house still adorned with icicle Christmas lights.

Yeah, yeah. Easy breezy. You’re thinking you are going to ace this game.

Add 5 points if you see baby Jesus in the manger.


Number 2.

Get 1 point for finding a random tennis shoe in the middle of a turn lane.

You know, I see these all the time and I’ve never understood this.

I can only imagine what is going on in the car for that to happen.


Number 3.

Get 1 point for spotting a driver doing the ULTIMATE no-no while driving.

Yep, nose picking. (You thought I was going to say texting didn’t you?)

Well, that’s an ultimate no-no too, but you only get points for nose pickers.


Number 4.

Get 10 points if you spot a full-suited clown or an Elvis impersonator.

Ten points people!!!

I’VE SEEN THIS and let me tell you, you don’t have to be in Vegas to spot one.


Number 5.

Get 7 points for “unusual” roadkill.

By “unusual”, I mean absolutely NO deer, cats, squirrels, possums or raccoons.

I’m thinking something along the lines of escaped zoo animals …

… basically anything from the Madagascar movie.


Number 6.

Get 2 points if you spot a “Honk if you love garage sales” bumper sticker.

Give yourself 1 extra point if you actually honk.


Number 7.

Get 4 points for spotting a flower bed made from a REAL wrought-iron bed.

Don’t ask me where in the world I go on vacation.

Trust me, these ultimate recyclers are out there.


Number 8.

Get 5 points for spotting road names with the cast of The Hangover.

What? You think there is no such thing?

Well, quite possibly you could be driving on Stu Lane in Kinston, NC …

or Allen Road in Tallahassee, FL.

Get 20 points if you find anything resembling ‘Galifianakis’ on a street sign.

Number 9.

Get 5 points each time you pass a Golden Corral billboard advertising their

delicious Cotton Candy.


Deduct 10 points if you actually stop and eat at one.


There you have it. The ultimate travel game. No, no. No need for thanks.

This is just how we roll. Happy roadtripping!

One Response to “I SPY with my little eye … um, Elvis?”

  1. Sue Says:
    August 9th, 2012 at 8:34 am

    Would you believe that I pinned an image of a “real” flower bed on Pinterest a few weeks ago?

    Yes. I believe you would.

    The idea intrigues me. Even more so now.

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