How to Determine the Authenticity of Your Callaway Golf Products

There are golf products that are being bought and sold in the online market that are actually counterfeit. If you want to learn how to determine the difference between Callaway golf product that is authentic and one which is not, read on.

According to an intensive report conducted recently regarding online product fraud, there are a lot of customers around the globe who have been fooled into buying so called ‘100% worry free authentic, brand new and original Callaway products.’ This phenomenon has been rising through the years due in part with the rising popularity of the products of Callaway group. At least 70% of the customers who have been duped in purchasing a counterfeit or fake Callaway product told the reporters that they bought the same usually on and other online retail and auction sites.

Moreover, according to the victims, the products were purchased at prices that are really very low (as compared to the original retail price in the website of Callaway group). Sadly, after the product reached their location, they realized that what they had just bought is counterfeit and is low in quality. Moreover, according to report, at least 80% of the Callaway products sold online that are actually counterfeit are made from China.

Callaway Golf Products

You do not want to be the next victim of these fake Callaway product sellers, don’t you?

If this is the case, follow the tips and guidelines listed below that you can use in order to protect yourself as you intent to buy only Callaway products that are genuine and high in quality.

The first guideline that you should remember is to buy only from online retailers that are duly authorized by the Callaway group. The reason for this is that if you do not purchase from an authorized retailer, your chances of purchasing a fake, counterfeit and low quality product significantly increases.

The second guideline that you should remember is, if the deal you are buying into looks too good to be true, chances are it usually is. For example, if the asking price of an online retailer for a top of the line, genuine, high quality and brand new Callaway Golf product is way below its current price or market value (i.e., at bargain basement prices), you should be very much wary.

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With respect to this concern, there are a number of duped customers who told the reporters that the online retailers rationalized their bargain basement prices by stating that they received the Callaway product as a personal gift from somebody or that they won a raffle or tournament in their location. This is a red flag that you should remember when trying to purchase a Callaway golf product because most of the online retailers that usually use this reasoning to deceive people and therefore sell counterfeit and fake products. As such, exercise caution and perform your due diligence on the online retailer or seller.

The third guideline that you should remember is that most of the Callaway club heads are made of carbon composite and other hard materials. The carbon composite is located on the crown of the clubs. What counterfeiters usually do is to use titanium or another metal on the crown of the clubs. In addition, they carefully do a paint job on the club crown in a way that will resemble carbon composite.

The fourth and final guideline that you should remember is that when you are in doubt with the originality, authenticity and genuineness of a certain Callaway golf product, it would be very beneficial if you try to contact the Callaway company hotline first.