Time To Be Naughty

In honor of tonight’s long-awaited, girls night out “mom prom” event, I thought I’d fire up a little Naughty Betty for all of the lovely ladies in taffeta. Nothin’ like a little brutal honesty, all prettied up as an official start to prom day. And by the way, the mom jeans thing? I couldn’t agree more. [...]

Bring out your inner-Gaga

Whether it be sky-dive-daring or brazillian-bikini-wax-daring … what are you waiting for? We all have our own definition of “daring” but you know what I think? I think we all need to dig a little deeper to revisit our sense of adventure. You know… like when we were kids? Life is short. Bring out your [...]

Get a clue

I should have been a park ranger. Really. I can take extreme heat. Bugs. Big Foot. You name it. There is just something about being surrounded by nature that gives me that “Calgon” feeling. My kids on the other hand… well, let’s just say, they prefer sitting in air conditioning, playing the Wii. In the [...]

You’ve got to move it, move it

Our fitness guru is back and she’s here to warn us about an enemy lurking around every corner … a predator among us … there is no escape, ladies … no escaping… the wrath … of nothing other … than … BATHING SUIT SEASON!  *cue horror film music Sabra: Yes, warmer weather has arrived, the [...]

What’s in your bucket?

Here’s a tiny challenge straight out of the world of “Mama Inspiration”… If you had to come up with one little thing that you feel would make your life better, what would it be? Repeat, little thing, not big thing. I recently read this idea about “tiny changes” and thought the chances of something small [...]


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