I pass the torch to Fabio

I’ve always heard that there is a point you get to in life, where you really don’t care what others think. Well, apparently I’m here. Now, I’ve just started venturing into the world of “vlogging” (a.k.a. video blogging) and you’ll see that when it comes to the camera, I’m no Ryan Seacreast. You’ll notice a [...]

The good, the bad and the downright ugly

Over the past 2.5 years I’ve somehow managed to brainwash my readers into thinking minivans are awesome, Ke$ha is the devil and Justin Beiber is the modern-day Elvis. It’s been a wild ride, my friends. As I embark upon my 300th post, I look back to find that, somewhere along the way, this blog has evolved from [...]

The best medicine

Someone long ago said laughter is the best medicine. I know many of us who were up all night wiping noses wish that was actually the case. Well, I’m no doctor — or philosopher for that matter — but I’ll take my best shot at whisking you away from reality (and that gosh-darn Rotavirus) if [...]

Pottery Barn, will you be my Valentine?

Dearest Pottery Barn Magazine, I remember the first time I laid eyes on you. I was young. Too young to appreciate your true beauty. However, I held your crisp pages in my hands and dreamed of the day when I would have my own chandelier made from canning jars. From that moment, I vowed to [...]

A little less conversation

As I see it, Valentine’s Day is a pretty straightforward holiday. A bouquet of flowers, a box of Godiva and everyone’s happy. And then Necco had to go throw a wrench in the system by adding their iconic, little pink box of pepto bismol flavored sweet nothins. *cue harps The almighty conversation heart. My question [...]


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