See you next year, Gelman!

Close your eyes and imagine a week full of pampering and surprises in the Big Apple. Just you, Kelly Ripa and four of your closest friends. Well, that is exactly what was up for grabs this month if you entered “Live with Kelly!” Girls Night Out contest. Did we think we deserved to win when [...]

Did you ever know that you’re my hero?

I think I speak for millions when I say thank you for touching our lives on so many levels. It wasn’t until now, that I realized how much you have touched mine. iparent. iwork. icommunicate. ieducate. idesign. iblog. iinspire. iconnect. iread. irun. ilike. ifollow. ising. idream. ilaugh. ilive.

Farewell summer of the roly-poly

It’s funny how the mind has a way of forgetting things. When I think back to (what is left of) my childhood memories, I recall more of a cluster of everyday events. … Things like the little girl who picked her nose that I never saw again past preschool … the heartbreak of losing my [...]

Bring out your inner-grandma

I’ve been thinking about canning lately. Yes, canning – think grandmas with winged aprons and a beautiful pantry filled with rows and rows of goodness. Somehow the idea of lining my shelves with summer’s bounty and sweet, red-checked jars sounds appealing. This week at the grocery store, I discovered Canning Magazine – has it always [...]

It DOES Get Easier

I felt compelled to rerun this from Dec. ’09 … (tissue, please.) One foggy, fuzzy day when I had three kids under the age of five, I happened to be sitting on a park bench near a group of very put-together moms. (Foggy and fuzzy didn’t describe the weather – just my mental status that [...]


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