For Sale: Hannah Montana Concert Tickets. Cheap.

First of all, I want to thank Miley Cyrus for pulling me out of the depths of never-neverland. *sigh. It’s been almost a year since my last post, however,  after watching last night’s VMA performance, I felt compelled to return to my “happy place” to churn up a little conversation & share my initial reaction — [...]

6 reasons why contractors are like toddlers

Just when you think I am gone forever, Voilà, I pop out of nowhere. Just think of me as the Backstreet Boys. I’ll start by confessing that my absence has much to do with a large home construction project over the past few months. With the house in constant disarray, it has been a revolving door [...]

I SPY with my little eye … um, Elvis?

Tis the season for the family roadtrip. We’ve all been there. Five hours of ‘are we there yet?’ with no end in sight. Well, after some careful thought and consideration (and a lot of games of hangman) I’ve come to the rescue with a ‘new & improved’ roadtrip version of I SPY. Now keep in [...]

Spring Break. THEN vs NOW.

I’m no spring chicken. And on most days, I’m ok with that. But nothing carves out that reality more, than being surrounded by a beach full of spring breakers. After recently returning from the Sunshine State with the family in tow, I realized that Spring Break takes on a whole new meaning with kids … [...]

The one where I ‘unsuccessfully’ shove a pill down my cat’s throat

If you are looking for the proper procedure to get a cat to swallow a pill, this is definitely not the blog for you. Run like the wind, cat people. I share this story, not because I’ve lost my mind or run out of things to blog about, but because somewhere along the way, I’ve [...]

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