PRINT THESE … if you dare

When it comes to Halloween decor, I’ve somehow acquired Pottery Barn taste on a TJ Maxx budget. Lucky for me, the “web” that we have weaved (as in, World Wide) is laced with FREE prints with Halloween in mind. I mean, sure — who doesn’t want a $79 Skeleton hand drink dispenser stand or a [...]

Pass the bug spray

Tis the season to ‘party al fresco’. Need a few clever ideas when taking the party outdoors? Well, stop slobbering all over the Pottery Barn catalog and get creative! Here are a few simple, outdoor entertaining ideas that would totally make Martha say “Why didn’t I think of that?” Let the good times roll. Trashtastic. [...]

Voilà! Makeover Magic

Designing for the sexes is tough. Especially when they’re of the younger variety and one strongly prefers pink while the other is set on blue. Since our upstairs bathroom will be shared by two girls and a boy (and the occasional guest), I wanted to create a happy, gender neutral space. This bathroom is one [...]

America’s Got Talent

And I’m not talking Susan Boyles or Prince Poppycock talent… (remember that nut?) I’m talkin’ “right here in our own backyard” talent. Talented moms with a gift. A passion. And this mom is talented with a capital “T”. Remember the illustrator from the “Moms Got A Latte To Do” notepad from last month? Well, I [...]

Five Ways to Freshen Up Your Décor

Mid-January is prime time for the winter blues. And, if you’re experiencing them in regards to your home, it might brighten your day to know there are some easy fixes for freshening up your decor. Mirror, mirror on the wall. . . Little Green Notebook via DecorPad Mirrors are one of the best ways instantly [...]


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