I’ve heard french fries are so Oooh la la

If you’re not caught up on the stack of bestsellers on your night stand or simply refuse to go deeper than the Hunger Games — you may have missed the latest parenting manual sensation. Pamela Druckerman, an American mother of 3, living with her British husband in Paris, has penned, “Bringing up Bebe: One American [...]

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist …

Lately I have been channeling my inner scientist. Somehow I thought signing up for the Science Olympiad was a good idea. I thought, “Hey, we’ll launch rockets, we’ll learn new things, it will be awesome.” And it is. I’m just learning that I’m really not a very good rocket scientist. But apparently that doesn’t seem [...]

Pork rinds, anyone?

{Scene 1:  At the office} ppppsssssttttt! Hey you … Over there in the next cubicle. Yeah, you … The one with the bad perm. Wanna sneak away for a bit? Naaa, not for a smoke break. Just down the hall and over to the breakroom. I need a Coke. Oh, and there’s something you might [...]

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Watch out Heff, there’s a new girl in town

Alright, raise your hand if you recognize this lovely lady? By now, most of you have heard the controversial story regarding Colorado Senior, Sydney Spies, whose yearbook photo was rejected by the yearbook editors for being too revealing. She… AND her mom (gasp!) …. lash back, calling it artistic. Freedom of speech. As an aspiring model, [...]

Oh, so THAT’S what that really means

I’ve made many resolutions for 2012, however, giving up my Pinterest addiction is not one of them. Some describe it as “decor they will never afford, clothes they’ll never fit into, crafts they’re too lazy to make, sayings they weren’t clever enough to think of and photos they wish they had taken.” I describe it [...]


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