Fit 2 B Tied Friday … Never Say Never

I have a burning question that will, without a doubt, produce a few eyerolls from my fellow moms. *cue large, dramatic pause WHERE’s the love for my boy Justin Bieber? If you’ve seen his recent documentary you may have been a little surprised. Low income family. Christian, single mom. Musical talent from birth. Call me [...]

Fit To Be Tied Friday

They’re doing a new show: Celebrity Corpse, where you dig up someone after five years and try to guess who they were. Ok, this is a joke (April Fools) but I truly believe that if it were real, it would get high ratings. Today, we welcome fellow funny mom, Gynis, from Moms In Venting and [...]

Fit To Be Tied Friday, To Ms. Katy Perry

Dear Ms. Katy Perry, Let me get straight to the point here. I think you are an amazing performer and I really do love your music. However, there is just one problem … so do my children. You see, my daily attempts to drown out any inappropriate lyrics in the car are only rivaled by [...]

Fit To Be Tied Friday

{Read with heavy sarcasm} Dear Mr. School Picture Day Photographer, I don’t even know where to begin to thank you for the stack of school portraits that I didn’t order that you sent home from school with my darling today. It appears you worked hard to capture the natural beauty while posing her with her [...]

Fit To Be Tied Friday

According to research, almost 4 in 10 kids watch the news or have daily exposure to it. As a mom, I have to wonder how are they processing what they see? Does my 5-year-old really understand that, chances are, we will never see an earthquake like the one in Haiti here at home? Should my [...]


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