Why a Mom would win The Hunger Games

I’ve said it before. Moms are powerful beings. From the mama bear instincts, to the superhero powers (we DO have them you know), we’ve got the drive and determination to achieve the impossible. So with all of the Hunger Games hype and talk of the heroin we know as Katniss Everdeen, I can’t help but [...]

Mommy Dangerous

I love the Patagonia catalog. Not for the clothes, those are nice yes. But for the amazingly dangerous things that people do in between the pages of the stuff to buy. Women scaling mountains in Third world countries, men surfing in ridiculous places. The photography is usually stunning, the stories equally. The last issue featured [...]

Proudly Imperfect Housekeeping Tip

You read it right, sister. Proudly “imperfect” housekeeping tips. To clarify, this basically means that I am NOT here to share proper techniques on polishing your silver gravy boat. Ever. Think of this post as more of a Magic Clean Eraser to rid you of the guilt. You know, that daily guilt that creeps up [...]

Why not jump on a bed today?

One of the saddest aspects of life is when an adult looses his or her sense of wonder. When life stops being fun and little joys are hard to find. And one of my biggest fears is becoming such a person in later years. Perhaps that is why I sometimes jump on beds, eat cotton [...]

Knock Down Doors

Here’s a little inspiration for all of you “mom-preneur-minded” folks … Kim Lavine: There are hundreds of books out there telling women about all the stupid mistakes we make to mess up our lives, our marriages, our jobs, our diets, our money. At every supermarket checkout there are racks full of magazines telling us to [...]


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