Fifty Shades of Silence

Psssst. Did you just hear that? THAT. That-right-there. Listen, reeeeaaal closely. *cue long exaggerated, Seacrest-type pause Yep, you heard it. … the sound of {sweet} silence … Isn’t it wonderful? And, how on earth, do you ask, does a mom acquire a silent household in the middle of the doggone summer? Well, up here in [...]

Laugh Yourself Silly

I’ve made a crucial decision. Instead of nuking up another Lean Cuisine & staring blankly out my window on my lunch break, I’m heading down the street to Hallmark — at least once a week. After all, it’s quiet … and it smells good … and hey, I might actually get my hands on some [...]

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The Idol Hangover

American Idol. What can I say? I’m a huge fan. Besides the occasional inappropriate bikini girl contestant or cursing goth guy, it’s usually just good ol’ family fun. The American Bandstand of the 21st century. I’m sure everyone has a program that they look forward to sometime during the week but for us, Idol is [...]

Pinehurst! The spa. The wine. The food … and the paranormal?

You don’t have to be a lover of golf to experience the true magic of the peaceful retreat known as Pinehurst. Amidst its serenity is the history, beauty and Southern hospitality of an era past. Whether it be a weekend with the girls or a 1-night getaway with your spouse, you will enjoy Southern charm [...]


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