I’m not sure whether I am amazed or disturbed when I hear that there are more votes cast for America Idol each week than for the Presidential election. I guess I think it is sort of entertaining to see where Americas priorities lie. Well anyway, it’s time once again, to cast a vote. No, it’s [...]

Ready for some Fun-ee?

With home prices continuing to plummet and a category 3 hurricane on its way, I thought we could use a few laughs with the demented folks at someecards. I’ll be honest, it took some time for me to get onboard with this company — perhaps it takes more to impress a clip-art-snob like myself — [...]

Got sarcasm?

I always admire those of you who aren’t afraid to say what everyone else is thinking. Me? We’ll, let’s be honest. I’m a rose-colored-glasses kind of gal who prefers to keep the peace and roots for a “tie” at the end of every sporting event. However, the “sarcasm with a smile” approach has always made [...]

Love reruns?

Love reruns? I know I do. There’s nothing better than spending an evening with my old ‘Friends’ Joey and Chandler. So with 2011 officially half way through, I thought it would be fun to do a little “rewind” — you know, revisit a few posts from the year that may have brought some inspiration, a [...]

Monday Momentum

*Rubbing eyes and extracting leftover peeps from hair* I wanted to start the week off with some ‘funny’ for those of you who got smacked in the face with a big dose of Monday morning reality. Ever heard of Anne Taintor? Well either way, you are in for a treat this morning. Warning: Do not [...]


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