If the Easter Bunny could talk…

  The Easter Bunny asked me to repost these simple reminders: In my experience, the Easter Bunny has always been a quiet character, however, I’m certain that if he could converse with moms across America, his comments to us would go something like this: 1. You can thank me later for NOT hiding an egg [...]

Spring cleaning in progress

Apparently, blogs need spring cleaning too. It’s time to sweep up the Cheerios from my home page and scrub the crayon from my sidebars. We’ll be back shortly with more coffee-snorting fun. Stay tuned!

Would you rather…?

Once again, we couldn’t resist a friendly game of “Would you Rather…” to kick off the holiday weekend. Last year we slugged a glass of Jones soda in Holiday Green Bean Casserole flavor — this year we are riding in a sleigh full of toys with the cast of Modern Family. Pick your favorites and [...]

Daddy’s letter to Santa

Dear Santa, How’s it going at The North Pole? Participated in any flash mobs this year? Based on the increased number of Christmas specials on TBS, I’d have to think you have royalty checks overflowing your workshop. Hope the reindeer don’t eat them. Anywho, it’s my pleasure to write you today and ask that you [...]

The Season of Innocence

If I had to show you innocence, I would show you smocking on a dress. A cup of milk. Frost on a jack-o-lantern. A dandelion in a plastic cup. Sidewalk art made with chalk. The way a baby’s lips move while he sleeps. A toddler hanging an ornament on a Christmas tree. I think of [...]


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