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Stephanie {a.k.a. Editor-In-Chief Mama}

Stephanie, a Michigan native who put down roots in the South is a WAH Art Director/Mom of 2.When she is not working her computer magic, sitting in carpool line or cheering on the little league team, you can find her hiding in her closet reading Twilight (Team Jacob), looking for her daughter under Old Navy racks or glued to reality tv with her hubby of 13 years. She describes herself as a directionally-challenged, yoga-mom wannabe who looks at life through rose-colored glasses. How does she maintain her MOMentum? A little MOMversation with friends or road-tripping back to the Midwest. And, last but not least, reminding herself that she does not need to be a supermom to enjoy the journey as it unfolds. Update: Stephanie would to thank Anne, her former blog-partner-in-crime, for her dedication to SoMo this past year. Anne has recently taken a sabbatical {a.k.a. she found a “paying” job} to fulfill her passion in world of fitness. Thanks for a great year girl!


Our TEN sleep-deprived contributors who make SoMo a well-rounded place to be. Read up on their specialties and stories below and don’t forget to give them a ‘shout out’ on their own personal blogs!

Carol {a.k.a. Dish-It Mama}

Carol, a former corporate meeting planner, has been a SAHM for 8 years and has never once regretted trading room service and catered lunches for PTA and watching her boys grow. You can find Carol in the kitchen “whipping” up something with an Italian flare, relaxing at the beach or enjoying good wine with good girlfriends. She is grateful to her husband for working hard and for remembering to set the coffee pot on autobrew each morning and describes herself as a super organized, Martha Stewart wannabe.


Cara {a.k.a. Mama Inspiration}

Cara grew up in the good ole’ Midwest and adores the mystery, charm and wonder found only in the South. Her former career in PR led her down exciting paths, however, she knew there was more discovery to be made in writing. As an exercise in dreaming big, she gave up corporate life to become a full-time writer, dreamer and mom. She writes encouraging articles for women’s magazines and blogs and wrote her first book to inspire women to embrace their gifts and live life fully. Visit Joy Goggles or


Amanda {a.k.a. Autism Awareness Mama}

Amanda is a Florida native who is happily marching towards 40 with two beautiful kids in tow: a brilliant autistic preschool son and a toddling Southern belle. Five years ago, she was just a writer with a freelance assignment: Write about autism. Little did she suspect that would become her own reality in such a short time. As a SAHM with a writing career, Amanda focuses on spreading the message: Autism isn’t the end. Amanda loves connecting with other moms in the real world and online at


Sabra {a.k.a Cardio Queen Mama}

Sabra is our healthy, fit and fab cardio queen! She has worked in the fitness and nutrition industry for over 10 years and can be found teaching bosu, boxing, step, hi-lo and pilates/yoga at the local YMCA. Not only is she a fitness instructor, she’s a busy mom of 3 – ages 9, 12, and 15. She loves spending time with her brood and participating in their sports and performing arts activities. When she does get those rare moments to herself, she enjoys decorating, baking and sneaking in a pedicure.


Carla {a.k.a. One Crafty Mama}

Carla is a “Stamp-at-Home” Mom with 3 girls – ages 6, 7 and 8. Once upon a time, she worked in Television News, but that didn’t leave enough time for her late onset motherhood duties or her out of control hobbies — stamping, scrap-booking and running. Look for her burning the candle at both ends — training in the early morning hours and stamping late at night. If you’re in Raleigh, catch up with me for a Stampin Up! workshop or class — or a run! Or visit my Etsy site and take home a handmade creation or two!


Corina {a.k.a Eco-Mami}

Corina Pope is our mom with a passion for spreading the word on being environmentally aware. Changing the habit of convenience into conscious living will be difficult, but she hopes to convert a few people in the process, as well as make some changes of her own to live as eco-friendly as possible. Join her for The SoMo Green Challenge … Baby Steps to Becoming an Eco-Mami beginning Sept. 2010. For great tips for making your footprint a little smaller visit her at


Kelley {a.k.a. Spit-coffee-our-your-nose funny Mama}

Kelley, our Texas mom of 2 adorable boys (trust her!) with a pretty adorable husband is plain silly and loves to take things lightly. In her professional hat, she does contract work for schools and hospitals as a speech pathologist. Somehow, within those walls, she manages to speak articulately with appropriately placed fake laughter and grins. She LOVES sloths, Pepto Bismol, Boggle, stand-up comedy and Tetris. A visit to Kelley’s Breakroom, will prove that she is not quite right in the head and prefers it that way!


Sue {a.k.a Wonder Twin Mama}

Sue, also known as the Desperate Housemommy, is a former elementary school teacher turned full-time mom. A resident of Chicago suburbia, she has boy/girl twins (age 9) and a 6 year-old son. Mothering multiples has taught her to embrace the chaos that life occasionally throws at all of us. When she’s not volunteering at school or driving assorted children via carpool, she enjoys running, reading, gardening and blog-stalking. She loves to laugh and learn…not necessarily in that order. Pay her blog a visit here.


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