Iron On Patches

alphabet-iron-on-patchesIf you have a hole in your pants, it would be far much easier if you use custom embroidered or iron on patches to cover it, than stitching it up. It would also look much better than just patching it up with some cloth. Patches are great to look at even when they are not covering any holes or damaged part of a jeans, jacket or bag.

You can have these patches on pants, bags, jackets, uniforms or on just about anything where it can be ironed on or sewn to. If you like the feel of a real patch, like they were originally made of, you would like to try the custom embroidered patches with its high quality look. Embroidered as well as iron on patches are popular in camping, military, sports teams, martial arts, clubs, organizations and businesses.

Iron on patches is a great way to show your individuality as well as in showing support to a particular group or cause. For instance, if you love a particular sports team, you can have their emblem on an iron on patches and apply them on your cap, jacket, pants, and a bag or just about anywhere you want to put them on. It’s like tattooing the image or icons of your favorite group or things on your favorite possessions. On the other hand, you can draw your favorite image and have it made into iron on patches, to show the unique side of you.

Why opt for iron on patches?

Well, it’s easy to apply and it is not expensive. Furthermore, it is artistic without being dowdy. Most importantly however, you can order your favorite iron on patches without much hassle. That is, if you will order it from us.

Iron On PatchesYou don’t have to search far and wide to have your desired patches in no time. No matter what kind of image, drawing or wordings you would like on your patches, we can do it all for you. Just submit to us your preferred drawing, picture or image which you want to be incorporated in your patches and we will prepare a digital proof for you which you can view. You can submit to us any revisions and we will produce the patches according to your preferences.

Why order from us?

Our prices are competitive and we offer the best quality there is. Rest assured that it won’t easily come off with some intense rubbing. Furthermore,you can depend on its color not fading with just a few washes. Our iron on patchesis meant to last long so that you can really enjoy them. You will truly get more than your money’s worth when you order your patches from us.

We believe in giving excellent service to our clients that is why we devised our order system in such a way that will make your ordering our products hassle-free. You just have to send us your design and we will make a digital proof of what you have submitted for your review and approval. You can view the digital image of the patch you want us to make, make some recommendations as to whether you want some revisions on it or give us the go signal to go on with its production.

We will only start making your order upon the approval of the digital proof of your order. The production will be solely based on the approved digital proof. You can make your payment upon final approval of the digital proof. Should the final product is not in accordance with what you have approved we will redo the production at no additional cost from your end.


We see to it that the image or whatever you want to be placed in your patch is clearly drawn or transferred to the patch, no matter how intricate and detailed it may be. We fairly priced our products depending on the intricacies of the designs you require.We give discounts on bulk orders and on designs we have in our gallery.